Charles Herbster is trying to use the judicial system as a weapon to intimidate and silence survivors of, and witnesses to, sexual assault. We won’t let that happen.

Charles Herbster is actively pursuing frivolous litigation to punish those who have stepped forward to tell the truth about his misconduct. His attorneys have already filed one lawsuit and sent intimidating letters to many who have spoken out about credible allegations of sexual assault. By burdening victims, witnesses, and critics with legal bills, Herbster hopes to stop others from coming forward and intimidate those he’s wronged into silence.   

The Herbster Victim Witness Legal Defense Fund is standing up to Herbster’s tactics by helping survivors and witnesses of his misconduct pay legal bills and receive the counsel they deserve. All funds contributed will help survivors and witnesses fight back against attempts to shame and silence them in the courts. 

We are here to support survivors and witnesses of Charles Herbster’s sexual misconduct.

If you have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed by Charles Herbster, or have witnessed his sexual misconduct, you are not alone. Click below to securely reach out to the Herbster Victim Witness Legal Defense Fund legal team. All information received will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.


Who We Are

We are Nebraska leaders determined that no survivor or witness of sexual assault will be intimidated into silence.


Checks can be made out to: Victims Defense Fund, P.O. Box 95152, Lincoln, NE 68509.


Senator Suzanne Geist

Senator Joni Albrecht

Senator Rita Sanders

Senator Lou Ann Linehan